Song:   At War With Nature
Album:  Prometheus

© Oliver Rupp

Once there was a time, where poverty and crime
where stamped out by the peaceful guys, the world was free of lies.
But shortly after that the guys began to forget
and reached out for a better weapon, no one could say what would happen.

They just looked straight ahead, didn't see the horizon red,
they prepared another war, had evil guns and giant corps.
But haven't I told you, that no one of them knew,
who was the enemy, who was the fool.

Nature is their enemy, spray tins are their guns,
this is the Third World War, the fight of our sons.
Say, would you agree with me, that it wouldn't be a sin,
when nature will lose and the guys will win.

They began with burning coals, and felled the biggest boles,
They bombarded nature with exhaust fume, and fired it with CFC just as soon.
They fed the brooks with emissions, and even made derisions,
The rain was not acid enough, so nature stroke back with its nature catastrophes.

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