Song:   Dark Forest Walkways
Album:  Prometheus

© Peter Huttinger

Yesterday, when I was a child of the sun,
nothing to fear, no reason to run.
Clouds arrived, the sky, it went black,
now I'm castled here, there's no way to turn back.

I'm walking alone on dark forest walkways,
Don't know where to hide cause there's danger inside.
Wanna know how I got here, if it is what it seems,
Oh, how I wish this is only a dream.

The days went on, and the tears that I cried,
they made me weak, too tired to fight.
The trees went higher, the thorns too strong,
couldn't realize, where I went wrong.

Suddenly before me, there's a strange kind of light,
red in its colour, a voice by my side.
That voice should lead me, but there's no reason to,
`cause as it starts speaking, I'm already through.

"I'm alone!" − "I am near you!"
"Who's there?" − "I can hear you!"
"I'm cold!" − "I can warm you!"
"I'm afraid!" − "Noone will harm you!"

Now I'm caught in here, forever in time,
the creatures around me, get real in my mind.
The pain we suffered, the tears that we share,
collected below us in a lake of despair.

Now I'm a creature of the forest.
I learned to deal with all my fears.
Leading homeless travellers is my conquest,
listening to their cries that noone hears.

They're walking alone on dark forest walkways,
don't know where to hide, cause they're frightened inside.
They'll never know how they got here, never know if they're free.
But as soon as they're in, they will be just like me.

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