Song:   Egoism
Album:  Prometheus

© Oliver Rupp

Is it a virus, a disease under many diseases?
Or is it an invasion of a new race which increases?
They are egos, they satisfy their lust by simulation -
they make love to computers which are better than realisation.

They sing their solos: "Egoism, that's what I like!"
But we will sing in chorus: "Defend against this strike!"

They do their work hard and on their own,
They just think of theirself and live alone.
Their hobby is their garden and do-it-yourself,
They want to be well, just look for their own health.

They are a danger for the society,
they are opponents of the community.

Get more money, live much better and get more wealth.
They hate their own shadow, they like to live at twelve.
But someday the charity will win against this disgrace,
We will walk hand in hand, look face to face.

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