Song:   For You, My Lover
Album:  Prometheus

© Bernd Rehm

If it makes you happy when I'm dreaming
and you spend a smile for me, it's easy to see.
If it makes you mournful when I'm weeping
and you softly touch my hand, I hold you without end.

If you could be fair in a quarrel
and you keep standing by the truth,
I can never lose.
And if you need me like I need you,
everything's gonna be all right.

Feel me, when I'm screaming,
hold me everyday.
Fight with me in a hopeless war
and keep an eye on me at night!

Stay together day by day and say "I love you really true",
that's my wishes the whole life through.
And if we marry and got kids, we give our love and we take care,
but we'll be not always fair.

The autumn of life could be sad, but not for me,
you're by my side, you're my quest, you're my pride.
Dream of me every day, I'm young, I'll find my way −
I hope I'll find this way.

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