Song:   Madman's Dream
Album:  Prometheus

© Peter Huttinger

I watch the sky, so many lights nobody knows.
What's it all 'n' why? To find out I have to go.

I start running, but my energy is gone.
I break down, but my way is still undone.
Can't get up, seems I'm chained to the floor.
I try to crawl, but even that don't work no more.

I can't see − I can't see my way.
I can't breathe − so what's left to say.
I can't move − cannot walk away. So I talk to myself:

"Wash the dirt out of my eyes, that I can see clearer.
Go on and save me from these cries, make the distance nearer.
Come on and wash away my pain, free me and let me breathe again.
I'm afraid of goin' insane, Nobody knows my misery."

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