Song:   Prometheus
Album:  Prometheus

© Oliver Rupp

In those days, heaven and earth were complete
Seasons changed, it didn't look there was a need
The birds were singing in the sky
Clouds were passing by
Just the spirit missed his home

A descendant of an old race of gods
Took some clay made an image of the lords
And so there were these men
Lived in every land
But how should they use their hands?

Prometheus taught them making fire
But that was of no interest of the gods
He brought the mankind
The last bricks for culture
And they accepted right away

Today the children are building big machines
But that doesn't make it really easy to live their dreams
In a summernight the trees
They loose all the leaves
But the children are going on and on and on

Chained to a wall of rock an eagle destroyed his liver (day by day)
Prometheus was punished for being the giver (how was it going this way?)
It were the gods who understood (but too late!)
The mankind has been left the wood (they didn't wait!)
They build higher and higher
Just for their own desire
Is there a chance for the bud of the trees?

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