Song:   Remember Good Times
Album:  Prometheus

© Bernd Rehm

Some years ago when I was young,
life was just all right.
Didn't think too much what I should do
or how to do it all.

I took the rain and the sunshine just like that.
I took the day and the night and felt all right.

Once I went towards friends
and we had a flood of fun.
Once we changed a thought into
an event that stayed in mind.

Dealing with others was simple at that time.
A wrong word was forgiven and out of mind.

Now I don't know what to do,
don't know how to do it.
What was good is bad and nothing matters...

I loved life every day
and feelings ran through me.
They made my face shine in the light
of my life.

The night covered me sweet and silently.
The day promised me new life without any fear.

Problems were only small,
but there was a lot of sympathy.
The sense of belonging made me feel
that everything was all right.

Working hours went by as well as years.
Threw me into a time I can't understand.

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