Song:   Shadow Of The Horse
Album:  Demo-CD, 'We All Know'

© Peter Huttinger

You turn around when I'm trying to speak,
I hit the ground, your beauty makes me weak.
You hang your head up high, ignore the one I am.
I just can't reason why, maybe another man.

Though I don't know you well, I know you are the one!
But when I'm trying to tell, you're already gone.
You keep on sitting high upon a horse,
made of your ignorance, but I know I won't get lost, because...

I know I'll always be in the shadow of that horse,
But that won't keep me up continung my course!
Maybe one day that horse will throw you down.
Then I will catch you, before you hit the ground.

Once I had plans, to make you care for me,
But then I realized, that this was out of reach.
My heart was broken, but I was too proud to cry.
I cannot give you up, `cause feelings never die.

I keep on lying to myself − "liar!"
But I don't want nobody else − "desire!"
Should I just give you up? − "there's fire!"
No, I will never stop!

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