Song:   Summernight Child
Album:  Demo-CD, 'Six Songs'

© Bernd Rehm

The nights are so long, like they never ever seemed,
the moonlight is so cold, like the worst dream,
the shadows of the trees look like ghosts made of leaves,
on the ground, all around cruel, dark and deep.

The wind is blowing, a person goes out,
she seems to be young, but she doesn't shout,
as a noise sounds like an animal's cry,
she walks faster than the clouds passing the sky.

Living in the back, running in the night,
trying to find a way, nowhere is a light,
asking lots of questions, the answers too high,
don't give up yourself, summernight child.

She's walking down a meadow to the place she loves,
she sits down on a seat while the moon vanishes above,
she lights a little candle, a warm light falls in her eyes,
she begins to sing a pretty lullaby.

Maybe it's her act's mind, difficult to say,
only in the words, that she whispers in a prayer,
the words have no meaning, nobody'd understand,
what it means to live alone, without a helping hand.

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