Song:   Through The Day
Album:  Prometheus

© Peter Huttinger

Look where we're standing now.
Do you think, it's time to wonder?
You ask me, what it's all about,
well, I won't take this any longer.

They say that fools might have no brain,
they're always waiting for tomorrow.
But when you look, they're all the same,
they live their lives in pain and sorrow.

As I make my way through the dawning day,
knowing I can't stay here.
And the day will tell, is it still as well,
as it was before, dear?

Cause I know what you want,
I know but you don't see.
And I see what you see,
your plans don't include me, agree!

Yes, I know, how it was before,
I saw the signs that you ignored,
let's stop this now,
before it's much too late !

My parents told me not to lie,
to be the nice guy, always handsome.
But when I try, there's no reply,
I'm going back to where I came from.

As I make my way through the midlife-day,
you seem so far away, home.
And the burning sun cannot stop my run,
I'll go all the way alone.

And now the day is almost done,
now I'm waiting for the nighttime.
The moon is chasing for the sun,
noone's here for me to feel fine.

As I make my way through the dying day,
knowing you betrayed me.
And the night will show, was it worth to go
for all the things that I'll see...

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