Song:   Tracks Of Life
Album:  Prometheus

© Bernd Rehm

The sun goes down like a fireball,
I watch from the place I love.
Life seems to be so easy,
the shine deceives my eyes.

Nature's good and green,
lovely, fresh and great.
And over there in the valley
are the tracks of your life.

Take the sun, ride away,
take a trip down to L.A.!

A poor guy runs for his life
to catch a train to paradise.
Living is hard in his own land,
he's feeling down all the time.

The land of dreams is far away,
nice to be there for every man.
You wanna go there all the time,
but you live behind a wall.

The sun goes down like a bloody ball,
another day is gone.
Life isn't really easy −
you must enjoy the best sides !

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