Song:   Lonely Man
Album:  The Road, The Pain

© Peter Huttinger

A whistling sound coming down from the street.
A distant voice and the sound of two feet.
The sky is crying and the air's cold and damp.
A shadow moving underneath the street lamp.
Shadow becomes a silhouette,
there's a man who lights a cigarette,
roaming through the night.

He walks along passing drug stores and bars,
he makes his way beyond the left alone cars.
Behind a fence a dog starts barking out loud.
He stops and turns around, some words coming out:
"I'm looking for some kind of bed,
d'ya know where I can rest my head?"
The dog don't seem to care, but noone else is there.

Where will you go for to sleep that night?
Your life seems all but a fairy tale.
How does it feel with noone there at your side?
Who knows? Yeah, you should know.

The parkbench on the hill underneath the old tree,
right beneath the city's old cemetry.
The sun is up but his energy's down.
His body shivers and there's noone around.
The newspapers of yesterday -
not enough to keep the cold away.
Makes him wanna cry as his throat is running dry.

He starts his day looking for something to drink,
the backdoors of the bars became important to him.
His tobacco's from old cigarette stubs
and people's waste became all that he's got.
And so he spends another day
to look what people threw away.
Like a ghost behind the scenes,
yeah, he knows what that means.

You keep your story for yourself
since your glory said "farewell".
Did you ever loose your pride?
How can you stand these lonely nights?

Where will you go for to sleep that night?
Your life seems all but a fairy tale.
You know how it feels with noone there at your side
when you're walking your lonely trail.
A lonely man roaming through cities at night,
without a target or any plan.
Some silent hunter for peace of mind,
just trying to survive.

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