Song:   Love Is Just A Feeling
Album:  The Road, The Pain

© Bernd Rehm

I know that girl here in my arms,
sheís telling me all her lies.
I keep listening just to what she says
while Iím looking into her eyes.

She begins to kiss me, I am just surprised,
but I canít change it, she is satisfied.
As she starts to love me, touch me everywhere,
I get a happy feeling, I hope it will never end.

Love is just a feeling.
Love can get you down.
Love can always cheat you,
take your heart away.

I fall in love, I donít understand,
I feel the life, sweet and warm in me.
I take her in my arms and lead her to the bed
and now we do it, oh, what a joy.

Itís a sin, we do it, but Iím satisfied.
Then I leave her in a foggy night.
She cries in the morning when she gets awake.
She jumps from the window, her blood is everywhere.

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