Song:   Queen Of The Seas
Album:  The Road, The Pain

© Peter Huttinger

The load on board, the bulkheads tight, brave seamen wave, telling good bye.
Their wives with tears, their sadness growing, all engines run, the chimneys blowing
black clouds into the rainy sky.

Theyíre casting off, hear the mighty horn. Leaving the port, passing the shore.
With big ado into the ocean free. The lighthouse shining for all to see
down from the hill to light the way.

Feel the mighty tide, the storms that blow through rising waves, just watch them grow.
And there she comes rolling through, passing by strong and true...
take me with you!

And so the crowds who said goodbye go back to their homes and their everyday life.
May this ship carry our dreams to the world. May all our hopes somewhere be heard
and never sink into the ocean deep.

I think to myself, what if I was a sailor? With my head in the breeze, defying all woe.
How would it be, who would be my saviour, If not myself, the captain and the crew?
Travelling far for a distant shore.

I would swab all the deck till my fingers bleed, I would shovel the coal beneath machinesí heat,
I would navigate this ship out of the storm, I would travel the world, no more be torn
but Iím a dreamer, you know Iím a dreamerÖ

And so I dream of the day to come to leave behind whatís said and done.
Iím a part of you, thatís what I believe, Iíll be on board the next time you leave Ė
my queen of the seas.

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