Song:   Sense Of Madness
Album:  The Road, The Pain

© Bernd Rehm

Everybody needs somebody
who knows the sense of madness.
Sheíll be coming to you in a fucking night
and youíll get to know some real madness.

When youíre feeling so down and youíre taking a drink
and throw the jars to the wall.
Then youíre riding home in a dirty old van -
girl I think I could love you.

Iím so glad when youíre with me.
Iím so glad and I feel free.
Come in my soul, donít go away.
Stay with me for the rest of my life.

When you sleep in the night, relax by my side,
I dream of a place in the sunshine.
And if you walk in the rain, there is love in my brain.
Love is easy to feel.

You will live in the night, in the summertime,
beyond the open heaven.
So I will try to catch you to live beside you,
oh, I sing it again.

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