Song:   Silent Tears
Album:  The Road, The Pain

© Peter Huttinger

Look at the crossroads where should we go? Where will time take us? Nobody knows.
Which way will you take? I'll go straight ahead. Shouldn't we go together instead?

I read your eyes, I read your mind, you go your own way though we are the same kind.
So you start walking, I say farewell. Will this be the end? Only time will tell.

There's not a whisper, there's not a sigh, there seems no thought of the times gone by.
Echoes of laughter and peace of mind. Can you remember? Just give me a sign.

What do we do with those wasted years now we're on different tracks just going nowhere?
A soundless cry that noone hears, and noone cares for noone there.
We chose the lonely road still struggling with our fate and darkest fears
and with this heavy load exhausted we cry our silent tears.

Sometimes I think we should have swallowed our pride, asking what we were feeling inside.
Maybe we're fools in our very own way is this the reason friendships decay?

So many questions, the answers concealed. Waiting till secrets and reasons reveal.
I feel so lonely when the cold winds blow, just chasing shadows wherever I go.

I still hope that the time will come, when all our hatred will be gone.
Once so close, now broken memories, locked somewhere in secret diaries.

Can't turn back the time but why not bury the past?
Who can tell what's right or what's wrong now at last?
We both did things that we shouldn't have done.
Condemned to wait for salvation to come.

I am still wond'ring where you might be. Do you feel empty like sometimes me?
And I am still wond'ring after all these years are you still crying those silent tears?

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