Song:   We're All Bleeding
Album:  Prometheus

© Peter Huttinger

Polished skulls and marching feet, your minds must be sleeping.
Silent fear in the streets, a bit of history repeating.
Senseless shouts and empty eyes, raising fists to nowhere.
Beneath the crowds you're marching by and become a living nightmare.

The helpless ones who are in need, got troubles on and on.
So if you kill another refugee, what is it, you have won?
For freedom we have fought so hard and you just ram it down.
You're insane to tear it all apart and burn it to the ground.

So hey, what's up? Can't you see we're all bleeding?
Will it ever stop, will the evil spirits be leaving?
Don't look away when out there someone is crying!
Don't hesitate, it could be your brother dying!

A world of screens can make you blind with the violence you see.
Beyond the scenes all you can find − it's sad reality.
But peace and love are still in reach, take courage and you'll feel,
that giving peace and love can teach you every wound can heal.

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